Infra Red "U" Values

If one reads the public Elsevier publication "Infrared thermovision technique for the assessment of thermal transmittance value of opaque building elements on site" by Rossano Albatici & Arnaldo M. Tonellib , it is not hard to work out how important IR is going to be to calculate proper "U" values as table values on older buildings do not always work and can be shown so.


The focus is room air flow, but no focus on external wind speed that cools buildings, and not mentioned in any heat loss guides. Nor is fact that using 3M insulating tape with a known emissivity of 0.97, the "U" values of windows, walls  can be far better estimated on old stock.


If one knows a bit about degree-day analysis, the yearly electrcitiy profile for a HP can be determined, then good models for renewables and batteries can be undertaken. 

In the autumn of 2022, everyone will wake up to lowering building energy loss, is so key, and people with IR know  how, and it is a lot more complex than a mucker poking a camera at a wall, will become important. Currenlty there is denial but there is a lot of ignorance on building heat loss at present, as not sexy to investors - but it is important. 





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