The (Wicker) Straw Man

An old saying, “you never really grow up until ones parents have passed.” A lot of truth, and no more time to appreciate them, and only reflect on fact they were the best friends one ever had, however much they were taken for granted, as is always the case.


Any career that offered, trips to Las Vegas, unlimited career opportunity, varied and flexible innovative work,  in a work environment that was as flexible as could be chosen, and enjoyment and laughter permitted and welcomed, free trips to see ones family, or even talk in work hours, technical mentoring from a vastly experienced colleague happy to share knowledge, and mentoring for no fee or any return expectation, aside a desire for success and self actualisation in line with clearly communicated wishes.


Or be given a totally unreasonable  ultimatum with no possible flexibility and have to work for a weak trade association in 2022 with just 13 paying members down from 30+, and then working for a dinosaur taking 3 years creating straw men that will be so off the mark when complete in order to decarbonise, will for sure be a total pointless exercise. In mean time losing a lot of very good and long term friends.


Meanwhile time creeps on slowly and relentlessly.

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