Since its inception in 2013, LHW Partnership has undertaken several hundred project assignments ranging from small discrete project undertakings to large scale due diligence assignments on major capital projects. Below is a sample of the project assignments we have recently undertaken.

Aerial Infra Red Building Heat Loss Inspection


Client & Location: Hastings Borough Council/CLS Energy

Project: Aerial Infra Red Inspection

Year: 2018



Complex PV & Energy Storage Modelling Feasibility


Client & Location: The Kingston Quaker Centre, Kingston on Thames

Project: Carlton Energy Audit & Strategy

Year: 2017/8


LHW Partnership have completed a chalenging PV and energy storage modelling assignment on an interesting building. The building has extensive skylighrs to maximise daylightt, and is heavilly shaded by parkland trees.


In order to provide a robust apprasial, the buliding and locality was modelled using shade analysis techniques, and a solar simulaltion of the building created in order to optimise the generation.


Half hour demand and geenration profiles were mapped to optimsie the best value PV and energy storage systme size.

Energy Strategy


Client & Location: The Groucho Club, London

Project: Carlton Energy Audit & Strategy

Year: 2017/8


LHW Partnership have completed an ESOS type Energy Audit for The Groucho Club in Central London. The Groucho Club is and arts & media private members club, based in Soho, London. Created in the 1980’s by a group publishers as an antidote to the stuffy gentlemen’s clubs, 


A review of the energy bills, heat loss, heating, hot water, air conditioning, lighting, waste heat, BMS ,hot water useage, consumption profiles an staff awareness was undertaken, and there were a number of principal aspects identified, and both renewable (Solar thermal)  and energy efficiency solutions proposed offering both viable financial and environmental benefits.


Energy Strategy


Client & Location: Emmaus

Project: Carlton Campus Energy Audit & Strategy

Year: 2017


LHW Partnership have completed an ESOS type Energy Audit of the Emmaus Village in Carlton in North Bedfordshire. 


Emmaus Village Carlton is a homelessness charity offering active support to formerly homeless people, and provide a real workable alternative to homelessness, offering people a home, as well as meaningful work in the social enterprise.


A review of the energy tariffs, electrical, water and heating systems, and handheld and drone mounted infra-red surveys to identity poorly performing technology


There were a number of principal aspects identified, and both renewable and energy efficiency solutions proposed offering both viable financial and 155 tonnes per annum C02 reduction. 


Aerial Photography


Client & Location: Arnold White Estates

Project: 1.5MW Wind turbine in Nottinghamshire Country Park

Year: 2017


Engaged on an ongoing basis for technical and eril photography  , LHW undertook aerial photgraphjs and video of the 1.5MW Vensys turbine commissioned earlier in 2017.



Community Energy Feasibility Studies 


Client & Location: Ovesco , 

Project: PV Feasibility on Schools in East Sussex

Year: 2017


LHW have been engaged by Ovesco, to undertake technical feasibility on a number of interested schools in the East Sussex area.


The projects are Community invested, providing the opportunity for local stakeholders, to invest in a community energy project, that may not have been possible otherwise.



Due Diligence 


Client & Location: Confidential

Project: PV Farm, Desalination Plant, Oman

Year: 2017


LHW were engaged by a multinational Engineering Consultant to undertake Technical Due Diligene on a large PV farm providing power to a desalination plant in Oman. 


As Qualified Environment Agency approved ESOS auditors, LHW were able to look at the complete toolbox of energy consumption and generation. 


The project involved yield apprasial, system loss analysis, technology, design, and O&M from the PV through to the HV network.



Energy Audit 


Client & Location: Billington Parish Council

Project: Billington Village Hall

Year: 2017


LHW were engaged to undertake energy study of the village hall, and to come up with recommendations for improvement of the energy performance.


As Qualified Environment Agency approved ESOS auditors, LHW were able to look at the complete toolbox of energy consumption and generation. 



The recommendations, ranged from adoption of Solar PV, to the implementation of celling insulation, additional curtains, and draft exclusion.


The project was unusual, in that LHW were able to undertake a drone Infra-Red inspection of the building, as though located within 30 yards of a man road, LHW's CAA approvals facilitated this inspection, where a standard approval would not have enabled such an inspection. 

PV String & Module Testing


Client & Location: Confidential

Project: PV Farm South Coast, UK

Year: 2017


LHW were engaged to undertake IV string and module testing to investigate anomalies identified from a drone Infra Red survey. 


The work involved I-V sweep testing taking 500 data points on identifed strings, and sub modules, and benchmark testing with strings nad moules with no issues identified from the drone survey.


The results, findings and technical determinations were collated into a technical report, for client review. 

Infra Red Inspection


Client & Location: O&M Contractor

Project: 2 no 5MWp PV Farms East Midlands, UK

Year: 2017


LHW were engaged to undertake ground based  infra red inspection on 2 x 5MWp PV farms in the East Midlands, and provide an IEC compliant report. 


The work adopting the LHW vehicle mounted infra red inspection system, to record GPS embedded Radiomentric thermographic video images, which were played back to identify the anomalies. 

Aerial Videography


Client & Location: Private Customer - Bedfordshire

Project: Aggregate Quarry Housing development

Year: 2017


LHW have been engaged to record on a weekly basis the quarry reclamation work, and in 2018 the housing construction of a large mature quarry being developed to a sustainable residential area. 


The work involves weekly waypoint video recording, panorama imaging and general aerial photography. Also within the portfolio are two of the talllest wind turbines in the   UK and a mature quarry development

Technical Advisors


Client & Location: Private Customer - Leicestershire

Project: 13 kWp Solar PV and Ground Source Heat Pump System

Year: 2017


As Technical Advisors, LHW Partnership assisted with the scoping, preparation of a technical specification for a PV & Heat pump project in Leicestershire.


Recommendations on equipment, vendor selection, system installation and post instalaltion inspection services were provided.

Technical Advisors


Client & Location: Private Customer - Leicestershire

Project: 2.35 MWp Solar PV System with Module Optimisers

Year: 2016


As Technical Advisors, LHW Partnership assisted with the Ofgem pre-accreditation process, developed high level designs for the preparation of a technical specification for securing project funding. LHW Partnership undertook system modelling, procurement analysis, prepared construction drawings, liaised with the local DNO and upon commissioning, conducted a site acceptance inspection.


The design of the system overcame a number of on-site obstacles, including a National Grid gas main which crossed the site. The system design incorporates JA Solar modules with on-board SolarEdge optimisers and due to the use of some of the most innovative technical solutions currently available, the solar PV system is considered to be one of “the most efficient solar farms in Europe”. Working in close collaboration with Solar Advanced Systems Ltd. and Hopley Electrical Services Ltd. the development transformed from a green field site to a fully commissioned solar PV system in just three weeks.


Case Study - 2.35 MWp Solar Farm
20160406 - Ingarsby.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [4.7 MB]

System Modelling, Design & Export Constraint TA


Client & Location: Topbond Group plc / The Environment Agency

Project: 25 kWp Solar PV with 10 kVA Export Capacity

Year: 2015


LHW Partnership LLP were engaged to provide detailed system design and grid connection services for the devlopment of a 25 kWp solar PV system within limited export capacity. LHW undertook export constraint modelling and a 10kVA export limited system with 90% non-constrained generation output was agreed upon and allowances were made for the future adoption of on-site energy storage.

Case Study - Rye Harbour
20150917 - Rye Harbour.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [3.1 MB]

Feasibility, Design & Project Management


Client & Location: Private & Northamptonshire

System: 250 kWp Tracked Solar PV System

Year: 2014


LHW Partnership were employed as Project Managers and Technical Advisors to deliver a 250kWp solar PV system with single axis tracked framing system and module optimiser inverter based strategy.

The role included modelling, options appraisal, mechanical and electrical design, vendor selection, procurement and installer selection and management, system commissioning, site acceptance testing and O&M strategy.

Case Study - 250 kWp Tracked Solar PV System
PR1021 Lilford Lodge.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [4.3 MB]

Due Diligence Review & Inspection


Client & Location: British Gas Solar – Wrexham, North Wales

Project: 2.6MWp Solar PV

Year: 2014 & 2016


LHW Partnership were engaged to act as the client’s independent Technical Advisor and to undertake due diligence review of the proposed 2.6MWp ground mounted solar PV project for a Local Authority.


The DD review included a main and balance of system equipment verification, design review, PR verification, shading analysis, yield analysis, system modelling, design review, cable losses verification, HV system review, P50-P90 appraisal, grid connection offer review and a post-installation inspection. 

Case Study - Legacy Solar Farm
20160406 - British Gas.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [505.9 KB]

ESOS Energy Audit and Appraisal


Client & Location: The Landmark Trust

Project: ESOS Energy Assessment - Building and Fleet Assessment

Year: 2016


LHW Partnership, working in partnership with CLS Energy, were engaged by the Landmark Trust to undertake an ESOS audit and appraisal report for a number of the Trust's properties. The portfolio of 195 buildings and associated transport infrastructure are some of the most unusual in the UK encompassing accommodation in Castles, Chapels, Light Houses, Gothic Temples, Railway Stations, Historic Towers and a wealth of interesting historic buildings. 



Technical Advisors


Client & Location: Private Customer - Henley on thames

Project: Ground Source Heat Pump

Year: 2015


LHW Partnership LLP was instructed by a private customer to act as Technical Advisors for the installation of a GSHP system to deliver the property’s heating and hot water demands. As TA, we undertook an independent heat loss survey, assessed collector options, developed a technical specification and ITT, assisting the customer throughout the installation period. 


The system was commissioned in December 2015 and will generate a total of 77,500kWh of renewable heat energy per year.

Case Study - Ground Source Heat Pump
20160407 - Benhams.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [4.9 MB]

PV System Inspection and Acceptance 


Client & Location: Various 

Project: Rooftoop & Groundmount PV Systems

Year: 2013-2016


LHW Partnership LLP have undertaken on behalf of Asset managers, Local Authorities, Businesses and end user clients, over 75 site accetpance inspections of PV System instalatons from 10kWp to multi  MW  comprising over 200MW in total in line with MCS and IET PV Code of practice standards.


The work undertakn included design, documentation and site installation review and reporting.

Technical Advisors


Client & Location: Prater / BSkyB - London

Project: Commercial Rooftop Solar PV System

Year: 2014 – 2016


LHW Partnership was employed by Prater as specialist engineers to undertake all preparation and design works for the solar PV system at the BSkyB HQ. Services provided by LHW included applying for grid approval, full mechanical, electrical and plant room designs and a technical submittal. The role required integration with the project design team and post-installation inspection. 

Case Study - BSkyB
20150918 - BSKYB.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [106.3 KB]

London Southend Airport – Stobart Group


Client & Location: Stobart Group / Syzygy Renewables Ltd

Project: Yieldworks - Export Constraint Modelling

Year: 2015


LHW Partnership was instructed by Syzygy Renewables Ltd. on behalf of the Stobart Group to undertake export constraint modelling for a solar PV development at London Southend Airport.


The project had secured grid connection with the DNO however the connection agreement was subject to a limited export of 200 kVA. LHW undertook a Yieldworks analysis that assessed the site's half-hourly demand profile, generation profile, export constraint and load variance, determining the optimal system size to be 2500 kWp. 

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Infrared Aerial Inspection


Client & Location: Multinational Consultancy

Project: 8 MWp UAV Infrared Solar PV Farm Inspection

Year: 2015


LHW Partnership LLP was instructed by a multinational consultancy to conduct an infrared inspection of an 8MWp solar PV farm located in Bedfordshire using UAV technology. IR UAV surveys combine aerial photography and infrared thermal imaging to quickly and safely assess the health of solar PV systems. The survey was quick and non-intrusive and the technology was able to identify underperforming or faulty modules invisible to the human eye.


LHW Partnership is certified by the Civil Aviation Authority and BNUC-S to pilot UAV for commercial purposes and staff members are Level 2 certified Thermographers.

Case Study - UAV IR Solar PV Inspection
20160407 - Solar Farm IR UAV Inspection.[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [2.8 MB]

Feasibility Study


Client & Location: International Developer – Democratic Republic of Congo

Project: Solar PV & Diesel Hybrid System

Year: 2013


LHW Partnership were engaged to produce a feasibility report for the development of three 30MW solar PV parks in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The proposed solar farms were part of a large new town development and supplying three local mines. The objective was to review the project feasibility of the large scale PV parks in order to provide cost effective electrical energy to offset the expensive diesel based generation in an area where there are both intermittent grid supply and capacity restrictions from the local grid operator.

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