Expertise & Technical Services

LHW Partnership holds many years' experience in renewable energy which provides a leading footing in terms of providing appropriate advice. With a wide range of dedicated services, we help our customers to not only make the most of their investments, but also help in their quest to become green. 


From system modelling to feasibility studies, audits and due diligence, the experts at LHW Partnership can guide you through everything you need to know about design and installation, helping you make the most of your renewable energy system. As the world makes a conscious step towards making our environment a greener place, our experts are on hand to assist you in reducing your energy consumption. Whether you're investing in solar PV, solar thermal, biomass or heat pumps, we have the expertise to support your goal.

System Modelling


We hold extensive experience in solar PV system modelling and performance appraisals. For a retrofit or green field project, we can model and assess the predicted performance of a system with the high level of rigor necessary for project appraisals.


We have practical and desktop experience in modelling energy storage systems and have historic modelling and data logging experience on hundreds of systems, from small off grid, to mult megawatt hour systems.


Feasibility Studies


We undertake feasibility studies in conjunction with the associate parties in order to ensure an appropriate decision is made in terms of the project's viability. Our services enable the customer to achieve an efficient and effective project appraisal. 


This covers both singular technologies, and iintegrated multi technology solutions.




Aerial UAV Imagery


We provide Aerial photographic services for pre-project and post-project inspections and review. The technology is regulated and requires landowner, Civil Aviation Authority and other stakeholder approval. We hold a CAA PFCO permission and a 20m OSC. Click the image to learn more.






Technical Advice


We provide specialist technical advice in renewable energy including solar PV, grid connection, export constraint and renewable heat applications, ensuring that our customers develop the most suitably engineered solution for their specific needs.




Due Diligence


We provide due diligence services for renewable energy systems, including performance appraisals, design, O&M and financing, working closely with associated legal partners to undertake and legal requirements.





Project Design


We provide project design services including mechanical and electrical, equipment selection, simulations, DNO applications and planning applications. Since the year 2000 engineers have designed nearly 10 thousand delivered solar PV, wind and heat systems for a range of different applications from off grid street furnuture solutions  to larger scale generation systems


Performance Investigation


We provide inspection services to provide customers with the comfort in knowing that their system has been installed correctly and in-line with industry regulations. Inspection services ensure that system faults are identified early and returns on investment are maintained.


ESOS Energy Audits


As ESOS Lead Assessors, Chartered Energy Engineers and Managers experienced in ISO 50001 (Energy Management), with in-house thermal imaging capability, we provide in-depth energy audits to identify areas of energy losses and inefficiencies.


Aerial IR UAV Inspection


We conduct aerial surveys of solar PV systems and buildings for a number of customers. Our aerial surveys combine aerial photography and infrared thermal imaging to quickly and safely assess the health of a system or the energy heat loss of a building.



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