Electroluminescence Testing

Night time inspection to inspectigate PID, micro cracks and other anomalies

Field Testing

LHW own DC power supplies to reverse energise PV strings at night, and EL camera technology to take field mounted images. 

UAV (Drone)

Gain expertise in glass-forming techniques by inflating molten glass into a bubble using a blowpipe. You’ll receive constant supervision and guidance. (Drone inspections do not have the granularity of static cameras due to minor vibration) 

Mobile Lab

As a precursing service to more forensic Mobile Laboratory testing, LHW work with partners with moble laboratory solutions

Our Equipment

Special camera for PV electroluminescence


If a current is passed backwards through solar modules, they exhibit a weak light emission in the infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum. The luminous solar cells can then be photographed with a camera specially adapted for this purpose. 


If you then photograph the solar modules with a specially converted camera, you can diagnose many typical faults in the solar modules.


PVBuero Converted Sony EL Camera

Brightspot Automtion Nikon EL Camera

Infra Red Emitter for focusing

UV emitter for module review

BK precision 5kW 1000Vdc power supply

Brightspot Automation processing software

5 kW portable synchronising generators

Carbon fibre Pyramid for accurate focus


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