Renewable & Energy Efficiency Engineering & Technical Services for Heat & Power

Innovation focused engineering services from feasibility through to fault investigation and performance improvement. 


Simply put the challenge we face as a planet is to have a surplus of renewable generation from a multitude of existing and emerging technologies, whilst decreasing our energy consumption.


LHW Partnership LLP is one of few organisations with a joined up thinking multi technology approach, with the technical understanding to make it happen from residential to large scale, and is the reason for its existence.



LHW Partnership LLP has built an envied reputation of successfully "pushing the boundaries" and has historic and current involvement with some of the UKs most pioneering energy projects where joined-up thinking, an open mind, and experience based ability to pragmatically challenge the steady state and accept that continuous change is now the new steady state.

Hybrid PV System Portal

Comprising 7 separate PV arrays, the PV system will meet 50% of all the properties energy needs  (Heat pump heating and electricity), with the imported 100% renewable balance coming from Ripple Energy/Octopus Energy. In Autumn 2023 all the surplus energy required will come from the Kirk Hill Wind Farm currently being constructed.


The property is one of the first to opt out of "Feed in Tariffs" , as the system is intelligent enough to determine the cheapest Half Hour import and export periods on day ahead basis. 


With the cold weather, the 30kWh battery can provide heat for a day, and a back up generator holds biodiesel reserves for 1 month, with log burner as emergency contingency.






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