Being located close to Leighton Buzzard, and having community interest involvment from an early stage in the UK's first utility scale battery, and having been heavilly involved with "off grid" battery systems since the early 2000's, LHW are ideal placed to advise of the adoption of battery technology. 


Yieldworkstm is a modelling system developed by LHW Partnership LLP that assesses and optimises the most effective renewable energy system (predominantly focused towards PV & wind)  sizing by accommodating a combination of export constraint limitation, on-site projected or historic half hourly consumption, battery technology and predicted generation yields.


The Yieldworks model can be used for assessing the feasibility of solar PV and wind systems to provide realistic appraisals of system size options and constraint levels. with a given system size and location, historic or projected site demand and export capacity constraint, the optimal system can be modelled and appraised based on a number of possible scenarios. The model accommodates non-storage as well as energy storage systems modelled up to 1 minute intervals, and can model both DUOS and fixed tariff arrangements. 




In addition to in house developed software, LHW also holds licenses for PVSyst, PV*Sol, GEO*Tsol and Homer Grid & Homer Pro.


This means energy demand profiles of heat pump & EV retrofits, and hybrid wind/PV/BESS models can be created with more accuracy than is normally available from consultants and contractors

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