Professional Energy Engineering Services

We are a team of innovation led professionally qualified and experienced engineers specialising in renewable energy, energy efficiency and ESOS reporting.

We believe that the application of experience, focus on value and good engineering practices can add significant value to a project’s lifecycle. We strive to accelerate the adoption and development of low carbon practices in the UK and overseas. 


LHW Partnership provides a comprehensive range of technical and engineering services specifically within the renewable and energy efficiency industry. Assisting from the earliest stages of renewable energy system implementation through to completion and post installation.

LHW Partnership is independent from any manufacturing and installation organisations, specialising in the provision of engineering services for the renewable and energy efficiency markets. We offer a full range of services for our customers both in the UK and overseas.
Our team are highly experienced within their fields and hold a vast amount of experience across different technologies including solar PV, wind, solar thermal,  heat pumps,  bioenergy and energy efficiency (ESOS approved lead assessor). With some of the leading inspection and test equipment available, we can undertake and resolve technical challenges that otherwise may go unresolved. LHW Partnership LLP is the only specialist renewable enregy company in the UK with a CAA OSC UAV (drone) approval to fly with a reduced 20m area of control.


In the fast moving and complex low carbon energy industry, the combination of evolving technologies, environmental legislation and incentive schemes can make a decision on project investment and development challenging. Projects can present differing challenges and variant solution options. With lacking experienced engineering expertise in the UK, energy saving solutions can be implemented without sufficient due diligence and technical review prior to technology selection.


LHW's experience will help appraise and define the best project solutions with professional, honest and impartial advice whereby our clients get the most suitable renewable energy solution with the optimal commercial benefits for their requirements. We can investigate and engineer solutions to improve and maximise outputs of existing sub-performing systems.

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