Latest News December 2023

Expert Witness Services

LHW has provided Expert Witness services for Trading Standards, Law firms and private individuals, in PV, BESS and heat pump technology. These range from residential projects to amongst the largest PV farm installation on the planet.

Technical Advisor

LHW has recently been appointed as technical advisor on a number of PV projects including Borough Council, Organic Food manufacturer, and PPA provider for both roof top and ground mount projects

Renewable Energy 

In the last  12 months, LHW has generated 50% of the total electric and heat energy requirements from local solar sources with the balance imported as renewable energy. The property takes advantage of grid arbitrage, exporting energy at peak periods, and in early 2024 will be importing energy from the co owned community energy Kirk Hill wind farm when commissioned in 2024 will provide 18MWh of additional owned energy for either onsite consumption or direct resale to the market as credits on electricity bill. This will assure the property is provided with 100% zero cost renewable energy for the next 25 years, also demonstating a healthy ROI and surplus.

Latest News October 2023

Award Nomination

LHW has been nominated for an award for “Residential Solar and/or Storage Project of the year” as the 2023 Solar & Storage awards ceremony.
The project focused on evolving an existing installation with the addition of Battery storage, and interfacing with flexible tarfiffs to determine the best time to import, store and export energy.
A 6.5 kWp PV /32 kWh BESS and reuse of existing equipment, and a focus to maximise renewable content of a 14 kW heat pump power demand, with an HVO powered back up generator, and balancing energy with surplus from a Ripple Energy wind farm (Early 2024), will enable the property to have no energy bills and be zero carbon, and facility to run an at no cost EV in future.

Turbine Construction

LHW has been providing UAV progress review on second wind turbine in Bedforshire, adjacent to an EV charging station on A5 and forthcoming PV farm. The site already has a 1.5MW turbine. 


The project a 4.1 MW turbine has one of largest cranes in  UK.

Feasibility Studies

LHW has undertaken feasibility studies on numerous projects from 10kWp roof mounts to multo MWp grond mount systems for a range of clients  

Latest News September 2023

PV Tracker modelling

LHW underook over 30 PV simullation models on single axis PV tracker projects in North America looking at various PV modules, inverters, layouts, in order to determine the opimal solutions,

PV Farm Repowering

LHW  undertook a repowering feasibility study on an 2105 vintage PV farm to replace redundant equipment. The work involved a review of all the avaiailable options and recommmendations, ensuring the ROC revenues were not comprimised.



Ofgem Consulltation - Engaging domestic consumers in energy flexibility

LHW has submitted consultation respinses to Ofgem's DSR consultation, on rewarding domistic customers on demand reduction in peak periods. An important consultation more info here

Latest News August 2023

100% Renewable Energy > 50% on site

After over half of 2023, LHW runs on 100% renewable energy, with more than 50% of all heating, hot water, and power requirments created on site, with the balance 100% renewable from Octopus, and in early 2024 from  Ripple Energy/Octopus Kirk Hill wind farm. With Natonal Grid ESO running demand reduction incentices at peak demand times later in year, the large battery can feed the heat pump from stored off peak power, and run off grid at peak times.

RC62 Rooftop Fire PV Guide

LLHW have been invited to speak at Solar & Storage live in Ooctober 2023 about the RC62 publication they produced, as well as co presenting t a Fire Protection Agency Seminar.  Currently chairing the IET BESS Code of Practive Rewrite and acrive on MCS PV/BESS & Wind technical workgroups, enables contibution to industry development and involvment maintenance of knoweldge of emerging standards and practice.

Expert Witness assignments

3 more expert assignments were undertaken in July on Schools, off grid  and grid connected properties.


Knowledge of technical standards, installation practice and ability to undertake pragmatic testing is fundamentally important, which is an area LHW has maintained a strong focus.

Latest News July 2023

Emerging projects

LHW is working on a number of projects combining multiple grid feeds into one homogenised connection creating a micro grid allowing more diversity of supply and demand. These involve a hotel complex, large industrial production, an Gas to grid AD plant. The importance of good energy modelling is becoming more evident as the market transitions.  

Wind turbine foundation

LHW undertook thermographic monitoring on a large 4.2MW turbine foundation in Heath & Reach as the concrete cured. This is a pioneering demonstration, and will be adopted by the civils contractor on future projects.  The curing takes a month to 90%, and the turbine will be erected in August.

PV Acceptance inspections

LHW continue to provide inspection and acceptance services to clients in UK, and numerous project review and acceptance planned in next few months.

Latest News June 2023

Investmewnt in Homer Grid & Homer Pro

To supplement the existing comprehensive range of modelling software and tools, LHW has invested in Homer Pro & Homer Grid in order to better model and determine solutions for complex micro grid solutions with PV, batteries, wind turbines, CHP, EVs.  Homer owned by UL/is a valuable augmentation for LHWs leading capability n energy modelling and energy apprasials.

IV Curve Testing

LHW have increased IV curve testing capability to 1500V systems with a PAC testing assignment on a PV farm in West Wales.


In addition to the IV Curve testing, thermographic testing on the AC and DC connections was also undertaken,

PV-BESS Review

LHW has undertaken a critique of a 50MWp PV-BESS planning application reviewing the credibility and accuracy of the local benefits and facts stated in the planning application.

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