Latest News September 2021

Wind Technical workgroup

LHW have been invited to join the revitalised MCS Wind technical workgroup.  Small scale wind has suffered due to planning difficulties, but with elevating energy prices, the need to get more energy in winter periods and the synergy with PV needs to make a comeback. With 30 years of onshore wind experience at all scale LHW can help and evolve the technical approval standards

RC62 - PV Fire Guidance  

LHW have rewritten the RC62 guidelines for PV and fire, on behalf of Fire Protecton Agency/RISC Authority and MCS. A seminar will be held at the exhibition to present the forthcoming changes. The revised document is due for release  in late 2021 

Technical Advisory

LHW are providing technical advisory on site installation approval of 25 & 50MWp PV farm projects in Essex & Oxfordshire.  This includes PV, mechanical, electrical and HV aspects.

Latest News September 2021

Renewable Site Surveys

Following on from desktop work previously undertaken, site investigation and survey work was  undertaken on 25 water supply, reservoir, and water treatment works in the Kent, Sussex and Hampshire areas for the adoption of solar PV and wind technology to offset site imported energy. 

Rooftop PV Inspection

To supplement  aerial UAV capability, LHW have invested  in extendable telescopic pole equipment to undertake rooftop PV inspections with visual, Infra Red and Electroluminescent camera technology. The equipment is quick to set up,very lightweight, and all the cameras are remotely operable and  focusable  from ground level . This will facilitate inspection level capability only really seen to date on larger PV farms.

Membership of Expert Witness Directory

IDue to increasing work in the Expeet Witness sector. LHW has joined directory as an increasing requirement  for sector expertise will help provide easier access to the legal profession for experitse in short supply in the UK and overseas. 

Latest News August 2021

Forensic PV Testing.           PV Farms

In 2020 and 2021 LHW have been investigating a number of PV farms at Southwick in Wiltshire, Ardleigh in Essex, Falmouth in Cornwall, and a number of other locations, to determine reasons for possible performance anomalies. Conclusive evidence was found by field testing avoiding need for expensive mobile laboratory or Test Lab review.

1.3MWp PV Project Peterborough

A 1.3 MWp PV project was successfully commissioned in Peterborough for one of world’s largest industrial diesel engine manufacturers. LHW provided design, vendor selection Technical advisory, grid connection/constraint, and site review and acceptance services. Other similar projects in progress included 2.8MWp PV/Battery system for a large Pension fund, and PV farm projects for a local authority.

PV - Wind Battery Hybrids Major Utility

Since February 2021 LHW has undertaken engineering grade energy reviews on over 60 utility sites in South of England for adoption of PV / Wind & Battery to lower energy import ranging from 100kW to 8 MW per site with varying hourly energy tariff scenarios. The ability to create good quality half -hour data for both PV & Wind has provided conclusive evidence of the benefits of E-W facing PV Systems, and the massive importance of copowering sites with wind turbines that generate more energy in the winter periods.

Latest News July 2021

Solar PV - Root Cause Performance investigation

In a UK (and very likely geographically wider) first, LHW undertook a full toolbox of field testing to successfully get to the root cause of an underperforming PV system. The testing included Electrcroluminescence, Photoluminescence, UV Fluorescence, IV Curve, IR Thermography, Module Shunt resistance and  Module string series resistance testing.   This full service approach requires a suite of good test equipment and associated operational and analytical competence, but is the only approach to provide the appropriate technical service level to provide the confidence to identify the issue.

Expert Witness - PV- Battery Storage Dispute

LHW are providing technical Expert Witness services in line with the requirements of Part 35 and Practice Direction 35 for a solar PV and battery project dispute.

PV Farms Technical Advisor

LHW have been appointed as Clients TA on 2 new PV farms 20MWp & 3MWp for Kent County Council being installed in 2021.

Latest News June 2021

Recommendations for fire safety with photovoltaic panel installations

LHW has been appointed to update and harmonise the document published by the Fire Protection Association and RISC Authority - "RC62 Recommendations for fire safety with photovoltaic panel installations" 

Transactional Due Diligence

LHW has been engaged as technical advisor on a number of roof mount  , and ground mount  PV farms in USA to provide transactional due dilgence expertise. The projects incude fixed, tracked, and rooftop systems and comprise over 200MWp of capacity.

Fuel Cell Storage System

LHW have preordered a LAVO 40kWh Hydrogen Fuel Cell system to gain familiarity with hydrogen technology as an energy storage medium and will be installed in Bedfordshire. The system developed in Australia will ship in 2022.

Latest News May 2021

Engineer grade inspections

As probably one of the more focused field specialist engineering organisation in UK with focus on engineerng grade forensic review of asset, LHW have been busy again undertaking inspection and testng on PV farms  and roof top sytems. The image aboe is a 15MWp installation near Reading. 

Detailed PV modelling

LHW have undertaken a number of highly detailed PV models for large rooftop systems, modelled to a level not normally undertaken for such projects.

Engineering Surveys

With lockdown restrictions easing, in May LHW will be undertaking a significant number of engineering site surveys having already pre-determined the optimal PV/Battery mix for a range of Waste water, Potable water, Reservoirs and Pumping Station locations for a client in UK.

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