Latest News June 2019

G99 Grid Submisssion 50MWp PV Farm

Haviing entered PV under G77, LHW have successfully completed a successful G99 connection application for a 50MWp PV farm connectiing at 132kV. 

Electrical PV Testing 

In a month that encompassed PV farms in Devon, Somerset, Wiltshire, County Down, Flintshire, Glamorgan, Berkshire, Hampshire,  Ceredigion, Shropshire, Oxfordshire and Lincolnshire,  LHW undertook, IV sweep, Riso, Series resistance. Infra Red and Electroluminescence,  testing and reporting on a portfolio of PV farms  around the UK & Northern Ireland.

PV Verification

After a University PV rooftop fire, LHW undertook PV system verification testing to check condition. The tests included Infra Red, Riso, Series Resistance,Shunt resistance and IV Sweep. 

Latest News May 2019

Testing Season

LHW have undertaken PV System testing on over 60MWp of assets. In England, Wales & Northern Ireland. Testing and review of exisitng assets is core to learning and improving performance of future projects.

Technical Feasibility

LHW has undertaken technical feasibility on a NHS Trust Hospital in UK providing costed technical solutions to reduce grid demand.  

CAA Drone Approval - Yr5

LHW has successfully renewed its CAA approval for Drone operations in the UK, and it now in its 5th year of operations. 

Latest News April 2019

Opportunity for a talented Engineer

50% of LHWs work is on exisitng assetts and 50% on forthcoming projects.  There will be a forthcoming requirement for additional engineerinf resource in 2019.  More info

Hydrogen Power

LHW is getting invlolved with projects where hydrgoen can be adopted as an alternatve to bsck up generators or batteries.  Hyrdogen will be the fuel that finally removeds need for hydrocarbons/

Dark IV Testing 

LHW are now offering Dark IV String Testing. This undertakes a direct string by string comparison, and as done at night is less beholden to UK climate variance, and faciltates winter working. Dark IV testing is suitable for domestic throgh to Utiity scale projects.

Latest News March 2019

System Inspection

working with Future Aerial Solutions LHW have completed a comprehensive investigation into the performance of a llarge 3MWp roof mounted PV system on a manufacturing plant in Oxfordshire. The work involved PID testing, Infra Red, IV Testing, shade analysis.

4 years CAA Drone approval

LHW have been CAA approved for Drone operations for 4 years, and have added a 20m approval and working towards tethered approval for residential iinspections within 10m from roads.


LHW have the equipment to undertake Electroluninescence testing by hand, pole mount , vehicle or drone due to 2 levels anti vibration on gimbal and camera.

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