Latest News August 2022

Expert Witness

ISince the first Expert Report produced in 2015, LHW has undertaken over 50 Expert Reviews in PV, Wind, Ground & Air source Heat Pumps, Battery Systems Voltage Optimisers, Energy Modelling, and Shade Analysis. 


In July am application was made to join  The Academy of Experts, the Professional Sociery and Accreditation body for all Expert Witnesses.

Repowering & Backup

LHW  is preparing to repower the energy systems to replace a 2.5kWp array with 4.5 kWp, with 15kWh of energy srotage, off grid emergency bsck up with critical/non critical load management, and generator backup. 

New Build

LHW is currently working on 250 MWp+ of new PV and wind projects at various stages of development

Latest News July 2022

PV MLPE Review

In May and June, LHW undertook a technical review of 3 leading Module Level Power Electronics manufacturers products, and found some interesting and not wholly expected results.


The findings report can be downloaded here

PAC, IAC & FAC reviews

LHW have a number of installaltion review projects to underake in the summer and autumn including multiple MW+ large scale rooftop projects on warehouse roofs, and a 21MWp PV farm in West Country currently being commissioned

Multi technology modelling Software Investment

LHW have invested in EMD International  Hybrid & PV  to augment the wind software  enable total energy modelling for islanded networks and grid connected enabling full appraisals including PV, wind, energy storage, black/back up genereation and site demand. Levelised cost of energy and other appraisals can be undertaken to optimise energy strategies. Augmenting existing in house sofware makes LHW leading edge in this sector. 

Latest News June 2022

Technical Advisor appointment

LHW has been appointed by a Local Authority to provde  TA services for a 35MWp PV farm located on council land, Working with long standing associates LHW who undertook project feasibility in 2021 will provide Employers requirements, tender review, manage the planning conditions discharge, vendor selection and management.  The project will run for 4 years. 

Expert Reports

IIn May, LHW provided a number  Expert Reports and technical Reviews on technology areas including PV, Air Source, Ground Source, Solar thermal based Heat Pumps and building mounted  wind turbine projects.

Wind modelling training

LHW is receiving Windpro wind resource modelling training from EMD International in order to supplement leading PV modelling expertise, and to purposefully help provide meaningful hybrid system energy models including PV, Wind, Hydro, Energy Storage and Heat Pumps to provide better system optimisation and more granular review.

Latest News May 2022

PV Modelling

LHW undertook 8 PV models on existing town centreleading brand  supermarkets to offset energy imports. The models in 3D will help determine feasibility and layouts..

Wind & Solar PV  Modellling

LHW have undertaken a number of PV - Wind Hybrid generator models in the South of England. As a licenced owner of Windpro and PVSyst software, LHW can produce synthetic hybrid generartion  profiles with more granularity than many off the shelf software programs. This will be important in adding complementary technology to existing generation plant.

ASHP Expert Witness

LHW has acted as Joint Expert in determining the reasons behind a potentially underperforming heat pump. The work involved U value determination buy thermography, heat loss calculations, and radiator ratings at various flow temperatures, along with degree day analysis. 

Latest News April 2022

Energy Feasibility

Working with Sinclair & sons , LHW has undertaken a detailed feasibility stidy for decarbomnising a large independant school in Berkshire. The work involved review of PV, wind turbines, energy storage, decentralised and centralised heat pumps, and utility scale solar.

Technical Advisory 

LHW have been advising an island client in the Seychelles area on a large MW scale PV/Battery/Generator solution to significantly reduce the diesel fuel requirement. 

Expert Witness

LHW continue to secure Expert Witness work, including new assignments for residential Heat Pump , Wind Turbine, as well as  PV and Battery storage.   LHW are the only IET Presidents llist  recommneded PV Expert Witness.


LHW have additionally been invited to assist with the rewrite of the 2015 IET PV Code of Practice for Grid Connected PV Systems.

Latest News March 2022

British Film Institute

LHW has undertaken an energy review for the BFI in Berkamsted, to look at ways to reduce energy consumption. The BFI has 3 major environmentally controlled vaults to house historic film industry  origonals, and the energy consumption is significant.  The work involved IR and other methodologies to determine a strategy for the future.


LHW has continued its offering to the Energy Institute & IET in providing mentoring and CEng interviews to help accelerate the development of professionals the future in a key market sector.

Technical Advisory services

ILHW continue to provide TA services on 2 new PV farms being constructed in the UK. The use of UAVs facilitates the large areas that need to be covered on order to determine progress on these large sites.

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