Latest News April 2021

PV - Demand Modelling

LHW has undertaken multiple models of 18 sites for a large energy user both  South & East West facing at various pitched both including  and without battery storage to maximise on site consumption of generated electricity to determine optimal PV system sizing.

Technical Advisory Role

LHW is acting as Technical Advisor for a 2.8MWp “Behind the meter” PV , Battery & EV charging station addition to a business park in East Anglia.

PV System performance investigation

LHW undertook testing on a number of installations that were suspected of underperfoming. The tests involved both string and module level testing, and provided very conclusive trends and results to affirm the issues. 


A number of tests were undertaken, and Electroluminescent testing will be undertaken at a later date.

Latest News March 2021

Salix GSHP Funding

Working with a local authority and CLS Energy. LHW successfully undertook the modelling to successfully secure £2m grant funding for a 200 kWe GSHP, 400 kWh battery & 500kWp PV array to provide renewable energy to a sports and leisure centre eliminating nearly all the gas demand. 

Wind Turbine Modelling

To supplement a global leading position in PV, and energy simulation modelling, LHW has invested in Windpro wind simulation software. This will enable more accurate half hour energy appraisals combining PV, wind, batteries and demand side management. LHW has experience in onshore wind going back to Delabole and Carland Cross wind projects in 1990. 

UAV/Drone inspections

Holding the latest CAA approval and regulation changes on 31/12/20, LHW can legitimately undertake drone rooftop PV inspections in nearly all urban and rural areas. This makes the use of drones almost obligatory if correct feasibility, design and operational issues are considered.

Latest News February 2021

Electcoluminescence testing

LHW  successfully proved the pyramid based Electroluminescence recoroding methodology for systematic EL imaging including background light noise reduction. Aimed at specialist problem solving this will signifiantly supplement existing long standing technical iinspection and expertise in IV curve, Series & Shunt resistance, Riso, thermographic and power quality testing.  

Category 2 Thermography

Originaly issued Issued in 2015, after 5 years of operation, the Category 2 Thermography/Infra Red  certification was successfuly renewed, allowing the production and issue of technical reports suitable for inclusion as evidence and expert opinion. LHW use thermography for PV panel and electrical inspections, building heat loss calculations, and build heat performance investigations,

PV - Wind Hybrids

LHW undertook a feasibility that outlined a 12MWp PV farm generated 10.5GWh of electrciity per annum. A key finding was that the addition of a 4.1MW wind  turbine to the north of the PV farm increased annual generation ouput to 27 GWh per annum in total, with less than 3% generation constraint, and 75% of the wind generation was between October and April, when solar PV is least effective. 

Latest News January 2021

Water Sector                            - Techical Advisory Role

As part of a major move to decarbonise, a major water utility has appointed LHW to provide technical advisory services on the technical aspects of the implementation of thier renewable strategy.  

Footprint Zero - teaming

Having known the founder Julian Pertwee since 2010, LHW have teamed with FootprintZero to provide Technical Advisory services for their ambitious plans focusing on PV & EV project development. More Info

Ground Source Heat Pump Technical Advisor

Having completed an Energy Study in 2019, and a Tender specification in 2020, LHW are providing technical advisory services for the implementation of a large ground source heat pump at a Heritage location in Berkshire. 

Latest News December 2020

New UAV Regulation Approval 

LHW hold the new CAA A2 Certificate of Competency.  From the 31st December 2020 holding an A2 CofC will allow LHW to ‘fly closer to people’ if using a  drone of less than 2 kg. This will enable rooftop and building heat loss inspections on a mass scale, as well as aerial images previously not possible to gather.

PV yield modelling projects

In November  LHW worked on over 30 (150MWp) of PV projects from feasibility through to Expert legal review for a range of clients both in the UK and overseas. 


These included rooftop systems, large scale trackers, and fixed ground systems.  The latest software upgrade faciltates auto population of PV tracker tables as well as fixed arrays. 

Energy Strategy

Working with CLS Energy, LHW are providing a top to bottom energy strategy for a Local Authority in the Lake District. This includes a review of the Authorities future building heat and electricity needs, as well as larger scale Wind and Solar potential.

Latest News November 2020

PV, Wind , Battery , EV Station Project

LHW have been providing technical advisory services on a UK pioneering large scale PV & Wind, energy storage and EV charging station project off the A5 near Leighton Buzzard, in Bedfordshire

PV Site Inspections

LHW have provided a range of inspection services to a number of PV farms including a number of Cast Resin HV transformer inspection calling on 10 years of HV transformer manufacturing experience. Work also included roof top as well as ground mount systems.

Electroluminescence Surveys

With shorter days and getting darker earlier, LHW are now providing seasonal electroluminescence testing and inspection surveys to determine health of PV modules. This is in addition to a range of other testing services. Already offered.

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