Latest News January 2020

Technical Testing Experts

LHW are the recommended Technical Adviser for Emazys in the UK to undertake PV diahnostic testing and in particular Series & Shunt Reistance testing. in 2019, LHW successgully undertoook over 500 tests on projecrts from domestic roof tops, commerical roof tops and slar farms.  The knowledge and experience gained is helping define future test regimes,

Off Grid Feasibility - Seychelles

LHW have undertaken a detailed PV/generator feasibility study in the Seychelles for a large Multi MW food processing factory.  

Climate Change Emergency - PV Energy Feasibility

LHW are currently workong on 4 PV farm projects totally 50MWp moving from feasibility to delivery for local authorities that have declared climate change emergencies. 

Latest News December 2019

Residential Inspections

LHW are preparing to address solutions to address the much needed residential roof top market inspection as part of a broader systemic approach to inspection work. The service will launch in 2020 

Energy Study 

LHW have undertaken an energy study at Englefield House looking at both energy efficiency and renewble energy. 

Energy Study

LHW have provided a PV  energy study to a  large manufacturing  plant in East Anglia. 

Latest News November 2019

Solar simulations with mm precision

LHW have been working with Above Survying to produce precvision accurate PV models to verfiy "As Built" perfromance. This is amongst the first in the world with this accuracy.

Solar & Heat Pump Techical Advice 

LHW have been providing TA services to a lead UK Historic property charity, incuding thier first large scale subsidy free Solar PV array and a large ground source heat pump project at same site.

Energy Study

LHW provided an energy study to an Historic property to reduce dependance on fossil fuels. The study recommended a range of energy conservation measures, and ground source & Solar PV. The property has had slar thermal since 1970s. 

Latest News September 2019

Spectroscopy PV Module Testing

As an alternative to the more expensvie night time testing , LHW have tested several hundred PV modules for low shubt resistance & PID. At 25% the cot of night time testing is an obvious cost saving for module review.

CAA 20m Safety Case Renewal

LHW have been CAA approved for Drone restricted operations for 2 years,, and in August the safety casee was renewed for another year. 

Multi function testing

LHW have been providing, PID, IR, IV sweep testing, Series , Shunt , Riso, Shade analysis  testing in one integarted package to clients tthroughout 2019

Latest News June 2019

G99 Grid Submisssion 50MWp PV Farm

Haviing entered PV under G77, LHW have successfully completed a successful G99 connection application for a 50MWp PV farm connectiing at 132kV. 

Electrical PV Testing 

In a month that encompassed PV farms in Devon, Somerset, Wiltshire, County Down, Flintshire, Glamorgan, Berkshire, Hampshire,  Ceredigion, Shropshire, Oxfordshire and Lincolnshire,  LHW undertook, IV sweep, Riso, Series resistance. Infra Red and Electroluminescence,  testing and reporting on a portfolio of PV farms  around the UK & Northern Ireland.

PV Verification

After a University PV rooftop fire, LHW undertook PV system verification testing to check condition. The tests included Infra Red, Riso, Series Resistance,Shunt resistance and IV Sweep. 

Latest News May 2019

Testing Season

LHW have undertaken PV System testing on over 60MWp of assets. In England, Wales & Northern Ireland. Testing and review of exisitng assets is core to learning and improving performance of future projects.

Technical Feasibility

LHW has undertaken technical feasibility on a NHS Trust Hospital in UK providing costed technical solutions to reduce grid demand.  

CAA Drone Approval - Yr5

LHW has successfully renewed its CAA approval for Drone operations in the UK, and it now in its 5th year of operations. 

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