Latest News April 2020

Technical  Training - PV analysis

LHW have been engaged by a forward thinking Asset owner & their O&M provider to provide technical training on PV testing methodologies used to help root cause analysis of PV system underperformance.

PV System modelling

In a month when travel was challenging, LHW were engaged and completed over 30 PV simulation models for clients ranging from 30kWp to over 300MWp, including roof top, and ground mount in locations from Columbia, Ireland, Lake District and a pan national warehouse portfolio. In all over 400 MWp of projects were modelled.

Building Heat Loss Surveys

In March, LHW undertook a number of building heat loss surveys in the City of London, and elsewhere. The work resulted in a development of  a system modelling tool for  pragmatic determination of building "U" values of ageing building stock, fundamentally important for  heating system improvement.

Latest News March 2020

PV Installation Site Acceptance services

LHW is providing Technical Advisory services and Siite Acceptance inspection and reporting  for a London Community Energy organisation and one of the UK's largest County Councils for  nine PV rooftop and ground mount installations comprising over 500kWp of installed capacity

NHS Trust PV Feasibility

LHW have completed a detailed feasibility assignment for two NHS Trust Hospitals in England reviewing a range of options including rooft top and retrofit of car ports.  As a large energy user the NHS is loooking at ways to energy reduce costs and CO2 emmisions in a cost effective manner.

PV System performance investigation

In the first PV farm investogation of 2020, LHW undertook a range of daylight testing on a system, identifying low shunt resistance (PID) as the probable reason for system under performance. The testing , a scientifically correct and yet  not a recognised mainstream IEC testing methodology helps provide a large amount of additional information on PV system performance issues.

Latest News February 2020

Technical Advisory Role Wimpole Hall - National Trust

Since 2016 LHW have been providing Technical Advisory services to The National Trust for a large 30 borehole Ground Source Heat Pump and 400kWp PV array. In February the PV was connected to the grid concluding a very successful technical assignment

PV Feasibility

LHW have completed a detailed feasibility study with granular PV modelling of a large retirement home in London. The feasibility demonstrated that if careful Half Hour demand modelling is undertaken, the viability of solar is now in context undisputable even without subsidy. 

PV Car Port, EV & Energy Storage strategy.

LHW have undertaken a detailed energy study, technical and commercial feasibility and strategy for the adoption of EV charging, solar PV car ports and energy storage on a new build project for a local authority 

Latest News January 2020

Technical Testing Experts

LHW are the recommended Technical Adviser for Emazys in the UK to undertake PV diagnostic testing and in particular Series & Shunt Reistance testing. in 2019, LHW successfully undertoook over 500 tests on projecrts from domestic roof tops, commercial roof tops and solar farms.  The knowledge and experience gained is helping define future test regimes,

Off Grid Feasibility - Seychelles

LHW have undertaken a detailed PV/generator feasibility study in the Seychelles for a large Multi MW food processing factory.  

Climate Change Emergency - PV Energy Feasibility

LHW are currently workong on 4 PV farm projects totally 50MWp moving from feasibility to delivery for local authorities that have declared climate change emergencies. 

Latest News December 2019

Residential Inspections

LHW are preparing to address solutions to address the much needed residential roof top market inspection as part of a broader systemic approach to inspection work. The service will launch in 2020 

Energy Study 

LHW have undertaken an energy study at Englefield House looking at both energy efficiency and renewble energy. 

Energy Study

LHW have provided a PV  energy study to a  large manufacturing  plant in East Anglia. 

Latest News November 2019

Solar simulations with mm precision

LHW have been working with Above Survying to produce precvision accurate PV models to verfiy "As Built" perfromance. This is amongst the first in the world with this accuracy.

Solar & Heat Pump Techical Advice 

LHW have been providing TA services to a lead UK Historic property charity, incuding thier first large scale subsidy free Solar PV array and a large ground source heat pump project at same site.

Energy Study

LHW provided an energy study to an Historic property to reduce dependance on fossil fuels. The study recommended a range of energy conservation measures, and ground source & Solar PV. The property has had slar thermal since 1970s. 

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