Latest News November 2020

PV, Wind , Battery , EV Station Project

LHW have been providing technical advisory services on a UK pioneering large scale PV & Wind, energy storage and EV charging station project off the A5 near Leighton Buzzard, in Bedfordshire

PV Site Inspections

ILHW have provided a range of inspection services to a number of PV farms including a number of Cast Resin HV transformer inspection calling on 10 years of HV transformer manufacturing experience. Work also included roof top as well as ground mount systems.

Electroluminescence Surveys

With shorter days and getting darker earlier, LHW are now providing seasonal electroluminescence testing and inspection surveys to determine health of PV modules. This is in addition to a range of other testing services. Already offered.

Latest News October 2020

PV Transaction Inspection Due Diligence

LHW undertook transactional site review,  inspection and due dilgence on 3 of the largest PV farms in the UK totalling 100MWp.


The work covered from DC through to 132kV connectioon, and included a focus on some areas not normally investigated.


The projects were successfully acquired by Greencoat Capital in October.

Tender Review Off Grid System Seychelles

Having completed a technical specification earlier in 2020, tender returns were reviewed and  for a large 1.6MWp grid connected / diesel hybrid PV system located in the Seychelles.

PV System performance investigation

LHW undertook testing on a number of installations that were suspected of underperfoming. The tests involved both string and module level testing, and provided very conclusive trends and results to affirm the issues. 


A number of tests were undertaken, and Electroluminescent testing will be undertaken at a later date.

Latest News September 2020

Granular PV Modelling

Working with Above Surveying, LHW are undertaking detailed PV modelling with UAV/Drone topology capture to verify PR calculations, and detailed feasibility and design PV modelling work.

Niche O&M

Since 2013 LHW have been providing niche O&M servies to the Crystal Building in Docklands. Owned by the GLA, this building is rumoured to be the next GLA assembly building. 

Power Quality Testing

After a 30 year gap, LHW have added load bank testing to the range of testing services in its portfolio,

Latest News July 2020

PV Technical Workgroup

LHW are now on the MCS PV technical workgroup, this facilitates current work with ENA, and a core belief to progress technical standards in line with market evolution.

Test equipment investment

As part of policy of having the right test  equipment necessary, LHW have invested in a power quality analyser, and upgraded to latest handheld IR equipment to allow GPS and wifi, in addition to exisitng PV modelling test equipment and DC power supply & EL camera. This wil help renewable & energy efficiency aspects of business.

PV - Wind Hybrids

LHW are providing Technical advisory services on a number of large scale  PV-Wind hybrid projects both in UK and overseas.

Latest News June 2020

Zero Carbon Homes

As part of a team, LHW have been working closely with a number of experts looking at  on /offsite site electrical and heat generation to determine optimal solution for zero carbon new build home construction. LHW are doing the PV/battery/wind/Heat pump, site demand modelling. 

Reverse Engineering

LHW were engaged to reverse engineer a totally unlabelled PV system, and identify the reasons for poor performance. This involved IV curve, Series resistance, module/string mapping, performance testing and production of drawings.

Heat Pump Feasibility

Following successful PV installation of 75kWp, a local authority engaged LHW to undertake a feasibility for adoption of heat pumps at a large 85 bed education and outdoor centre. This included IR verified heat loss, and full review of ASHP, Borehole and Ground collector systems.

Latest News May 2020

Professional Recognition

After 35 years in the Energy and Electricity industry  The Founder of LHW has been  elected  as a Fellow of the IET and the Energy Institute

System Modelling 

In April LHW have  undertaken PV verification  modelling for over 500MWp of solar PV projects in South and North America and Europe.

IR Surveys

Though PV Farm IR surveys are not core business, LHW offer this service as part of a more integrated offering involving electrical testing at ground level. This encompasses IV Curve, Series, Shunt and Riso, as well as EL.and system performance verification.

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