RENEWABLE ENERGY (electricity)

With experience gained from technical involvement with the earliest windfarms in the UK in the early 1990's , and off grid PV/energy storage in the early 2000's the mission has always been to normailise renewable energy as the most cost effective form of electricity generation, and use learned synergies to maximise system effectiveness.


With grid parity looming for many projects, close attention to detail on accurate modelling, system losses, locational position, technical solution synergy, and  as important now as at any time.


With this length of experience it is hard to focus on any one particular area of expertise LHW can provide, ans the sections below outline our capability important areas as the market moves towards zero subsidy and gird parity.


Onshore Wind Hybrids

Modelling and repowering of wind solutions with supplementary technologies (eg PV)

Solar PV

Full service provision from Feasibility to Condition Assessment and Upgrade / Refurbishment

Hybrid Storage

"Off Grid" and "Grid connected" solutons to maximise import offset, resiliance, and DUoS/Triad impacts.


System Modelling & Design

Based on many years experience of PVSyst and PV*Sol modelling, supplemented with leading edge shading analyser, and laser height measuring devices, has enables LHW to build  a competence to model entire PV systems effectively with a rare level of granularity. Electrically it can be modelled down to Module By-pass diode level. In addition to Hourly which is the standard interval for PVSyst & PV*Sol. LHW can model down to 5 minute intervals.l

Project Feasibility

Grid connectivity, lifetime O&M, Yield, planning approval, and Power Purchase details are all critical aspects of a project feasibility.  

Asset Testing & Assessment

LHW own leading edge test equipment, and can undertake shading analysis, IV Sweep (100/500 readings), testing, Intra Red (Level 2 Cetified), UV & Electroluminscene testing.

Technology Selection

LHW have been working with batteries and PV since the core technology was lead acid gel or Cyclon. Due to the learning gained from Liihium Technology for batteries from drone operations, a comprehensive knowlege of chsging and cycling as been learned. LHW are cautious on recommending technologies that are vulnerable to heavy cycling, and are watching technology developments in emerging storage technologies. 

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