Expert Witness Capability

LHW Partnership LLP has been involved with engineering aspects of Solar PV, Battery Storage, Wind, Renewable heating systems and High voltage engineering systems since 1985,

The accumulation of technical knowledge over these years provided an immense amount of learned expertise. 

This knowledge supplemented by formal Expert Witness training allows LHW Partnership to act in the role of an Expert Witness.

Fully trained and supported by Chartered Engineer status and Professional Indemnity Insurance, professional and impartial expert opinion in the areas of expertise can be provided.

LHW Partnership LLP by longevity holds specialist knowledge not commonly held, or likely to be understood by lesser experience. 

The Founding partner is an IET  Presidents Listed Engineer considered qualified to act as an Expert Witness 

Areas of Expertise

Vocational training provided by our team of experts

Solar PV / Wind

30 years Wind and Solar Engineering Experience

Heat Pump Technology

16 years ground and air source heat pump experience

Energy Storage

20 years PV and battery engneering experience

Recent Expert Witness Assignments

2020 Joint Expert - Ground Mount PV Installaton

Engaged as joint expert to pragmatically  investigate a PV system performance issue on a 200kWp PV installation in Cornwall. The report findings were accepted by both parties and the dispute resolved out of court

2019 Claimant Expert - Rooftop PV Installation

Engaged as expert by claimant to investigate a 200 kWp rooftop PV installation dispute in Lampeter, the report findings were accepted and the dispute was resolved out of court

2018 Joint Expert - Rooftop PV Installation

Engaged as Joint Expert to provide report to resolve a dispute on PV system near Truro. The dispute was settled without court proceedings.

2020/21Claimant Expert - 3 no PV Farms

Engaged as claimant expert to resolve a yield modelling dispute on 150MWp PV farm portfolio in Australia.

2020 Defence Expert - PV Farm portfolio

Engaged by Defendant to resolve a FAC financial claim on 20 no 5MWp PV farms, based on system performance model inaccuracies from Technical Advisor

2021 Claimant Expert - PV/Battery/GSHP project

Engaged to invstigate battery system technical and commercial performance dispute

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