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CAA PFCO 20180416LHW Partnership LLPPAndEUAS760 (Issue 8) Day & Night Operations to 25kG 

ACofC sub 1kG


From landscape scenery to technical inspections


Multiple platfoms for images jpg & RAW/DNG up to 20Mp including 360o panorama. Indoor and outside including congested areas


4K HD video Indoor end external


Infra Red, Electro luminescence, Inspection


3d modelling for export to 3d images or C.A.D.

Building Heat Loss

Easier access to determine building heat loss

Voluntary Aid

LHW support Emergency Services in times of emergency


Aerial platforms for indoor and outdoor usage with manual or automated route plan capability.

Yuneec H520 Inpsection

With interchangeable Dual Visual and Infra Red Cameras. 

CAA OSC 20m Platform

Approved to fly within congested areas with 20m control

Mavic Pro / Hasselblad

Large Sensor for low light visual and night photography and video

Camera Imagery Above Horizontal

For locations where upward imagery is required, for example looking beneath Solar Panels, or inside areas where scaffolding or tower access is not possible

Innovative Solutions

Why a reduced area of control is so helpful


The standard CAA approval allows the use of drones with control of a 50-metre area around the drone. Control means the people within the area are under the instruction of the pilot. In rural areas this control area is realistic, but for inspecting more urban areas, this will often mean that there are roads and other pathways that will need control. This is often impractical.


With a twenty-metre control area this equates to 16% of the area of control for a 50 metre approval.


This means most buildings can be inspected.


For buildings where a 20-metre approval is still not acceptable, then LHW has other solutions including extendable poles and hand-held photography. 

Visual & Infra Red Inspection of UK's largest Rooftop Solar system - 24,000 PV Modules at Marks & Spencer Logistics Centre in Castle Donnington, 2018

Example Images

Some example images (in low resolution)

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