Since establishing in 2013, LHW Partnership LLP has completed over 1000 project assignments, ranging from feasibility, renewables design, inspection and testing, due diligence, aerial photography across nearly the whole range of energy efficiency and renewable portfolios  from small residential projects to the tallest wind turbines and largest PV farms in the UK.  

Innovation, synergy and new ways at looking at challenges is a fundamental belief of the partnership, and have been fortunate to have worked on some of the most innovative projects in the sector.


Outlined below are a few examples

Solar PV

250kWp PV Tracker


Feasibility, M&E Design, specification, and commissioning of a 250 kWp PV tracker. Since 2014 the system has generated 20% more kWh/kWp than a fixed array by adoption of a tracked collection and PV optimser systems. It is probably the best performing >100kWp PV System in the UK.

Optimiser PV Farm 


Feasibility, Technology selection, Technical Submission for Bank approval, design, and Site Acceptance on the first large scale (2.3MWp) PV farm with module optimisers in UK. 

HV Asset Audit


Asset and procedural inspection and audit of  the High Voltage systems on 9 PV Farms (180MWp) in UK. The audit covered HV switchgear and transformers from  11kV to 132 kV, ESQCR , and HSE compliance. 


Construction Photos


Day by day photographic imagery of the construction of the UK's two tallest wind turbines located near Leighon Buzzard and Aylesbury. 

PPA Modelling


Engaged to model HH generation to propose a private wire PPA to a local large power user  

PV Hybrid Generation 


Half Hour kWh modelling of an existing 500kW turbine for suitability of additonal solar PV

Renewable Heat 

Energy Study and Ground Source Heat Pump Feasibility Study


Undertook a feasibility to move from oil boilers to GSHP and heat network for a large  Country home in Berkshire.

Heat Pump Technical Adviser


Technical Specification, tender documentation, and tender review, contract award  for large 200kWe Borehole heat pump system for lNational Trust Heat Pump and PV  project in Cambridgeshire.at Wimpole Hall.

Ground Source          Heat Pump


Technical tender specification, contractor supervision and system acceptance for large 60kWe borehole heat pump project in Henley on Thames.


Energy Management

ESOS Audits

2016 & 2018

Working in partnership with CLS Energy , undertook as ESOS audit on a range of unusual heritage and historic buildings for The Landmark Trust.

Energy Audit & Strategy


Energy audit, stratregy and technology investment proposals for The Groucho Club in Central London. The building had high energy useage and limited potential for renewable energy adoption.

Energy Conservation


Energy strategy, and investment appraisal of a range of options to reduce energy consumption and avoid expensive grid upgrade expenditure on a manufacturing facility in London.


Infra Red, String Testing & System Yield Revue


Engaged to undertake Infra Red inspection, IV string testing and yield revue on the UK's largest rooftop PV array comprising 24,000 PV Modules.

Expert Witness



Working on behalf of a leading Law firm, engaged as Expert Witness successfully assist resolution of a dispute between owner and PV Installer.

Commercial Rooftop PV Inpsections

2014 to 2020

Working for a leading national Estate Management orgnaisation, have nspectef and reviewed more than 50 roof and ground mounted PV Systems from 20kwp to 1MWp+ in line with MCS and other technical standards. 

"Off Grid"

Seychelles Tuna Factory 


Technical Review, feasibility study and technical tender specification of 1200 kWp rootop mounted PV / generator. system  to take factory off local grid.

Napoleonic Fort, Alderney


Feasibility, energy modelling, technical solution establishment for renovation of delapidated home to iinclude PV, battery, heat pump, back up generator, and low carbon demand technology.

"Off Grid" Home


LHW provided feasibility study services for a large off grid home powered by PV  and batteries and hyrdrogen fuel cell as supporting power, and heated by a ground source heat pump. 

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